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Community Partners

Woodland Lighting Design is working together with other local businesses to build a better community and support local needs.

Strong local businesses will result in a strong local economy.

Working Together to Build a Better Community

We are proud to be a Community Partner. The concept of working together is not new. The best way we can serve each other is to share with our customers why our belief in keeping business local is not for our individual benefit. It is for the greater benefit of supporting our local economy and community. How can we do that? By patronizing and promoting each other to our customers.

At Woodland Lighting Design, we believe that our local businesses are the backbone of our local economy. We believe in shopping locally, having our vehicles and tools serviced locally, and using local businesses for everything we can. Woodland Lighting Design strives to create good paying jobs, patronizes other local businesses, and supports community youth, local events and local non-profit organizations.

Please give our Community Partners the opportunity to serve you and this community by patronizing local businesses FIRST.